Monday, January 13, 2014

What They're Saying About GEARNET

As we pull together our project final reports (to be posted at in February 2014), it's exciting for us to gather personal accounts of fishermen's experiences during GEARNET projects. Here are some examples:
Dan and one of his semi-pelagic doors
"I would like to express my gratitude to be involved with this project.  I have always wanted to try a net with smaller diameter twine, but the high cost of buying one deterred me.  I knew the net would tow easier and there would be fuel savings, but didn't know how much savings.  I am amazed with the results.  I am towing a larger net easier with less fuel consumption and with an increase in my catch.  The new net coupled with the Flow Scan really gave me assurance that efficiency and savings are really there.  I wanted to take a step farther so I purchased a set of Semi-Pelagic Doors.  With the help of GEARNET and the Walker Foundation, I was able to get a rebate to help pay for the doors.  The new doors are Fantastic!  Right away I gained over 1/2 knot of towing speed.  With my old gear I had to push the engine to get 2.8kts,  but now I can tow over 3kts.  This was a very educational project and will be interesting what the savings will be over time.    

Thank Again for this Great Opportunity."

Daniel Murphy
F/V Bantry Bay

Project - Explore fuel savings using smaller diameter twine and a loan program to help interested fishermen transition to using semi-pelagic trawl doors that save fuel and reduce sea-bed impacts:


Jayson Driscoll (right) aboard F/V Sweet Misery (photo - Sara Van Horne)
"I think we may have built a net that can target an underutilized fish while allowing a weaker species to rebound"

Jason Driscoll 
F/V Sweet Misery

Project - NH Sector XI - explore the use of gillnets raised off the sea-bed to reduce catches of Atlantic cod while maintaining catches of more abundant, marketable fish.

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